In Australia, GGHH member, the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District (NBMLHD) developed a sustainability plan to provide a solid platform for implementing sustainable and climate-resilient health care practices now and well into the future.

In 2019, the NBMLHD developed a Sustainability Plan 2019- 2023 with the goals of protecting the environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and preparing for the impacts of climate change, while protecting the health and wellbeing of the community. 

The initial focus of the work has been on issues related to buildings and transport. The health district has upgraded lighting systems in a variety of areas and incorporated hybrid vehicles into the district’s fleet. These changes increased energy efficiency and reduced emissions. Switching to LED lights along led to savings of close to$12,000 and reduced electricity usage by 87,346 kWh per year.

“Our District has historically strived for excellence in the delivery of health services to our community. We desire to continue our deeply felt responsibility to care for patients, staff, and the wider community, extending it to the environment we live in. I urge all staff to join me in supporting the implementation of the NBMLHD Sustainability Plan and look forward to the progress we can make over the next five years”, said Kay Hyman, NBMLHD Chief Executive.

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