Hippocrates Data Center is a cutting edge resource that puts the power of data management, goal benchmarking, and progress tracking into the hands of each GGHH member.

Housed on GGHH Connect, Hippocrates allows members to track, store, and visualize their data on a secure web-based platform.

Hippocrates allows members to track waste production in relation to new recycling programs, analyze the impact of their energy efficiency efforts, understand greenhouse gas emissions from their facilities, and report on progress to facility leadership. It is a one stop shop for health care sustainability data!

Data collection tools are currently available for waste, energy, and climate with more to be released in the coming months and years.

Data forms

Submit data, analyze impacts, measure the success of your projects, and identify opportunities for the future.


Graphs and charts to visualize impacts, performance, and progress achieved over time.

Data archives

Store, export and download all data submissions and reports.

Team management

Collaborate on data submission and analysis within your organization.


Access in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Hippocrates also syncs with Google Translate for viewing and use in other languages.