The Royal Hospital, the largest government tertiary care hospital in the Sultanate of Oman, joined the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals network in 2021. In addition to providing health care services, the hospital hosts five National Centers dedicated to research and 21 medical departments, each with its own unique expertise in various medical procedures. 

Recently, the hospital published an article in the International Journal of Health Planning and Management, emphasizing its commitment to a green hospital approach by aligning with the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Sustainability Agenda as a guiding framework.

The Sustainability Agenda is an ambitious framework of ten interconnected goals to support health care institutions worldwide. By promoting greater sustainability and environmental health, this initiative seeks to enhance patient well-being and community health and contribute to a healthier planet.

The article presented a compelling case study to showcase the hospital's efforts in managing its carbon dioxide (CO2e) emissions achieved by efficiently using inhaled anesthetic gases and adopting Transportation Management Companies (TMCs) to reduce travel, aligning with two GGHH goals: pharmaceuticals and transportation.