In 2019, Vincy Tribhuvan  was one of 24 participants who participated in the National Green Hospital Standards` (NGHS), workshop which introduced a guidance document to help health care institutions reduce their impact on the environment.

There she met India`s Sustainable Health in Procurement Project (SHiPP) team, which had contributed to the development of criteria for the NGHS sustainable procurement document. During the workshop, Vincy was familiarized with the different sustainability methodologies and actions health systems can adopt to reduce their environmental impact.

When she returned to her workplace, she was determined to bring Jupiter Hospital to the next level in order to apply for NGHS accreditation. She worked with nurses and midwives to promote the implementation of standards and advocated for the replacement of PVC gloves with nitrile alternatives, to implement energy conservation strategies, and introduced waste minimization techniques. 

These sustainability efforts resulted in cost savings of more than $270,000 in a year.

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