Since its launch in 2021, Climate Impact Checkup (CIC) has garnered global attention. Over 500 health care facilities from more than 25 countries are actively using the tool to track and report their GHG emissions. Furthermore, has led to the tool's adoption by Ministries of Health of Colombia, Nepal, Chile and Peru. 

Health Care Without Harm's regional offices and strategic partners around the world have been working diligently to translate the tool and its related comprehensive guidelines into multiple languages as they strive to increase its accessibility to a broader range of health care facilities. We are pleased to now have Checkup available in two new languages: Bahasa and Traditional Mandarin. The methodological guidelines are available in English, Spanish, French, Danish, Bahasa Indonesia, and Traditional Mandarin.

We also introduced significant content updates in the guidelines to enrich the user experience and to further support the tool's users. In "Part 1 - How to use Climate Impact Checkup," new sections have been incorporated to cover sources recently added to the tool such as purchased steam, heat, or cooling, and extra supply chain, facilitating more accurate estimations. In addition, a new section describes the novel feature incorporated in the tool for learning purposes and scenario creation, offering users a dynamic and versatile experience.

In "Part 2 - How to create an action plan," the action plan design has been reimagined as an 8-step outline, streamlining the process and providing a more straightforward and simple user-friendly pathway for its development. A dedicated section featuring the Alliance for Transformative Action for Climate and Health (ATACH) was also included. ATACH, led by the World Health Organization, supports participating countries through their journey towards climate resilient and low carbon, sustainable health systems.

Health Care Without Harm is continually gathering user feedback, leading to regular reviews and improvements to the tool and its guidelines, striving to create a healthier future for our planet and people's health.  


Climate Impact Checkup online course 

This year marks a significant milestone as Health Care Without Harm will launch a major project: a free online course and training program on our Climate Impact Checkup tool. It comprises 13 comprehensive classes and over four hours of video content, available both in English and Spanish, and covering vital topics like carbon footprint calculation, extra supply chain categories and development of an action plan.


Training sessions

Health Care Without Harm has supported training events and created communities of practice to encourage the adoption and use of the tool for promoting climate-resilient, low-carbon, and sustainable health care. This type of event ("Huellatón" in Spanish and Footprint Cafe in English) started in Latin America and has helped institutions estimate their GHG emissions using the Climate Impact Checkup tool.

Learn more about our latest training events: