In a significant milestone, two months after its launch, our Climate Impact Checkup course has over 200 enrollments from 40 countries. This surge in interest underscores the pressing need and growing commitment to sustainable practices within the health care sector.

Designed as a comprehensive training, the course aims to empower health care professionals, students, and policy and decision-makers with tools and guidance to foster sustainable, resilient, and low-carbon health care systems. The user-friendly, step-by-step course guides participants in navigating the tool and offers invaluable knowledge for crafting robust action plans.

This positive response is a testament to the collective will and determination of individuals globally to drive positive change in health care. As enrollments continue to grow, we remain committed to fostering a community that inspires, learns, and collaboratively works towards a more sustainable future.

To join this transformative journey and be a part of the change, enroll now at