The compendium discusses seven eye-opening case studies in Southeast Asia, each exemplifying healthcare facilities' commitment to sustainability, innovation, and resilience in the face of the growing environmental challenges. The case studies were conducted in different healthcare facilities in the region: Dr. Arturo P. Pingoy Medical Center (Philippines), Mary Johnston Hospital (Philippines), West Java Mental Hospital (Indonesia), St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo (Philippines), Sunway Medical Center Velocity (Malaysia), Buddhist Tzu Chi Dialysis Centre (Malaysia), and Ibnu Sina Public Hospital (Indonesia).

The seven facilities are part of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals, and have shown remarkable sustainability practices that deserve recognition, dissemination, and replication – from reducing carbon emissions and recycling used cooking oil to harnessing renewable energy sources and implementing cutting-edge waste management strategies. The case studies reveal a multifaceted approach to sustainability that addresses not only environmental concerns but also enhances the quality of healthcare delivery.

In this compendium, the exploration of the sustainability practices that emerged from the case studies is structured around the five factors that are at the forefront of environmental challenges faced by healthcare institutions in the region: waste, food, water, energy, and transportation.

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