Since 2012, the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) has been coordinating the Pacific region of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) network. During that time the network has grown to over 150 health across institutions across Australia and New Zealand, representing more than 2,600 hospitals and health centers. By leading the GGHH Pacific Network, CAHA is   a robust health sector movement dedicated to climate action and sustainable health care practices.

This report offers an overview of the notable progress and accomplishments achieved by the GGHH Pacific network in 2022-23. It showcases the success and exemplary programs of members from the region,  their participation in global initiatives such as the Health Care Climate Challenge and Race to Zero, regional events promoting sustainable health care, and their engagement in the Climate Learning Initiative, among others topics.

“The past year has seen a proliferation of GGHH members in Australia and New Zealand amplifying their efforts to contribute to a sustainable and climate-resilient health sector. We applaud members for their persistence through challenges and congratulate members on their many achievements. We look forward to continuing to support members over the next year.”, says Stefanie Carino, Sustainable Healthcare Program Manager, Climate and Health Alliance

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