The Health Care Climate Challenge is an initiative to mobilize the health care sector around the world to reduce its carbon footprint and/or foster low carbon health care, build resiliency to climate change, and help lead the effort for a healthy climate.

By moving toward low carbon health systems, health care can mitigate its own climate impact, save money and lead by example. By becoming more resilient, health care can help prepare for the growing impacts of climate change.

And by providing societal leadership the, health sector can help forge a vision of a future with healthy hospitals and healthy people living on a healthy planet.

At this crucial juncture, the time to act to protect public health from climate change is now.

Any hospital, health system, or health organization can join the Health Care Climate Challenge Challenge. By doing so, they are granted automatic membership in GGHH.

If you are not a GGHH member and agree to participate in the challenge by signing the climate pledge (below), your institution will receive an automatic membership in GGHH, and with it, access to tools and resources, including our online collaboration platform, GGHH Connect, and Hippocrates Data Center.

The first step is to sign the Climate Challenge pledge