Now in its second decade, the GGHH network is continuing its growth and showing no sign of slowing down, achieving membership milestones with each year that passes. We are pleased to announce that in July of 2022, GGHH reached its latest: 1,600 members in 79 countries who represent the interests of more than 60,000 hospitals and health centers.

This growth, and the rapid pace of it, tells us that health care institutions the world over are finding the network as an important resource in their sustainability journey. It is also a key indicator that this journey and engagement in sustainable, climate-smart health care is expanding and entering the mainstream on every continent. 

We are excited to welcome members from new parts of the world like Jordan, Andorra and Egypt, while also seeing the GGHH network continue to develop in countries such as Australia, Colombia and the Philippines. From state and provincial health departments to individual hospitals and small clinics, health care institutions of all types, shapes and sizes are joining our growing community. To protect the future health of the planet and people, it will take everyone doing their part. 

We are honored to have each of our 1,600 members who have chosen to be on this journey with us and look forward to working together with them to transform the health care sector.